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Mar. 16th, 2018


(no subject)

Frothy Ruminations

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Jul. 23rd, 2010


It's official. Less than five years after getting LASIK surgery, which allowed me to see without glasses for the first time in about 25 years, I will now need to get reading glasses. I've become farsighted.

That's bothersome enough, but more depressing is that even though the doctors feel that this will help with reading, working on the computer (something I do very often), and even night driving, I will probably need to wear them most other times as well. (That is, they are thinking of these as actual reading glasses, ones you put on only occasionally, whereas I think I'll need them much more frequently.)

I had been holding out hope that another LASIK enhancement would fix matters for perhaps five more years, but it's been deemed too risky for insufficient benefit.

I'm very troubled by this, because to me a return to my glasses days is a return to days of even lower self-esteem.

On top of all that, I think I'm developing dyslexia, which is probably not even possible.

Oct. 20th, 2009


You gotta have high hopes!

"Swing and a drive, right-center field, this one is falling, it's a base hit! It'll go up the alley! Bruntlett will score! Ruiz around third, he is being waved home! The Phillies have won the ballgame! Ruiz scores! Rollins has won it! They stream out of the dugout! Rollins going to third! This game is over as the Phillies strike again with two outs in the ninth inning! And they have a three games to one lead!"


Oct. 19th, 2009

Yet another Excel question

Let's say I have a small spreadsheet. One column, 1000 cells long. All names of some sort. Many names are repeated.

I want to know exactly how many of each name are in this column without having to write a formula for each name. Example:


I could write "=countif($a$1:$a$12,"dan") - that would tell me how many times "dan" appears in the column. And then do that for every name. But you can see how this might be tough with so many different names in the column.

At home I just have Excel 2000, and it's not helpful.

Oct. 8th, 2009

Well shit.

(no subject)

In two days, a contractor is going to install fencing for me. For the past two weeks or so I have tried to get permission from my neighbor in case we need to use his back yard. I wrote everything out in detail including a diagram of precisely what we planned to do and how that might affect him, and I asked him to either initial and return or contact me if there were any questions or concerns.

I have heard not one word from the neighbors about this, and I'm fuming mad. I haven't been able to catch them at home, either.

I'm not sure if this affects anything, but I think the home is for sale - and it's a short sale. I found the listing online when I was searching my own address. If it's legit, it's going for at least 100K less than what I paid for mine, and THAT was 100K less than it had been listed for in the first place. So my guess is that these guys owe a lot on their mortgage and are under pressure from the bank to sell. Just a guess, though. There's not even a sign out front.


In addition, I haven't even heard back from the contractor in a few days - I wanted to know a) when they planned to come over and b) what they needed from me. Oy!

Oct. 6th, 2009



Anyone remember this?? Salem and then Gazelle nailed it!


Sep. 23rd, 2009


(no subject)

I was sitting in Hair Cuttery, getting a haircut*, and I heard a couple of songs come on the easy-listening station that Hair Cutterys always have playing.

First up was Forever Young by Rod Stewart. I kept wondering if it was a cover of the Dylan song, thinking that Stewart had jazzed it up so much that you'd recognize the original tune only by concentrating on the lyrics. But then I discovered that the lyrics to the Stewart song are horrible, and thus ended that.

Next was That's All by Genesis. It occurred to me that I remembered when the song was played on rock n' roll stations.

No point here, just musings.

*I eventually splurged and got them all cut. There, beat you to the joke.

Sep. 18th, 2009

could I have messed this up more than I did?


U-Haul would have cost $41.88 for the rental ($19.95 plus mileage). They cancelled the reservation, probably because I didn't get back to them (duh, they did not leave a message) or because I mentioned I wanted to during an online "help" chat with them.

Ryder was $39, but they need 24-hr notice (makes sense) and are closed Sundays.

Home Depot rents trucks, but the closest one is seven miles away and I can't find shit out online, at work.

Lowe's rents equipment (trucks and other stuff, I guess); closest is in NORTH CAROLINA.

Penske is available and open, but they want $100.



Turns out that truck reservation was for today. I decided to contact u-haul this afternoon because they'd never said what time I needed to pick the truck up (I thought the reservation was for tomorrow, Sat). They said it was for today, 10 am, the location should have called you. I said they did not. Can I change it until tomorrow? You'd have to call the location. Ok, I would like to cancel. You'd have to call the location, since the reservation was for today.

I checked Vonage, and U-Haul did indeed call this morning. They called at 9 am, presumably to tell me my reservation was for 10 am. Now, who the hell in the hell hell does this? Why would you call a customer the day of his reservation to tell him he needed to be there in an hour? With no indication anywhere on the receipt that a time was to be specified later?

The worst part is that U-Haul, it turns out, is way cheaper than anyone else. It's like $19.95 plus $1.29 a mile. Others were like $40, $50, $70 for the day.

Oh, look, U-Haul just cancelled the reservation anyway. What. The. Hey.

Now what? No truck. None o' this stuff is fitting in my car. Gracious.

Sep. 17th, 2009

(no subject)

Ordered the fence panels, so all I have to do is go pick them up. Right after I get the truck on Sat! Huzzah! With any luck, they'll have actual fence posts as well. And someone to install them all.

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